Cargo ship sitting on the lake. The sun is rising behind it and is peeking through the ship.

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It’s Gotta Be Superior

Superior is more than just a favorite Wisconsin town.

As the original Twin Port, it’s a great lakes gateway to Lake Superior’s famed North Shore and South Shore and all the outdoor activities people love in the pristine wild northwoods. It’s a source for amazing pub grub. Bargain-lover shopping. Funky fresh nightlife. Historic exploration. With events, attractions and activities for every season. 

At a glance

Superior, Wisconsin

  • City population: 27,224 
  • Twin Ports metro: 290,000
  • Area: 45 square miles 
  • Altitude: 601.6 feet above sea level
  • Lat/Long: 46°43′14″N 92°06′14″W
  • Largest freshwater port in the world
  • Douglas County seat
  • Historic industries: shipping, rail, oil refining 

Neighborhoods: Billings Park, North End, South Superior, Central Park, East End, Allouez, Itasca 

Location, Location, Location 

Embraced by nature.

Some say the very shape of Lake Superior appears as a giant hand of destiny pointing its finger towards the iron ore mines, pine forests and farming possibilities of this region. Others say it’s a wolf’s head, with Superior and the Twin Ports at the nose of the lake. With its strategic location at the westernmost tip of the Great Lakes, Superior has long been a destination and hub for human beings. And that’s made it one of the most popular tourist routes in the Midwest. 

The great outdoors wraps around this beautiful city. Superior not only sits along the greatest freshwater lake in the world, but it’s also surrounded by three bays, two rivers, and a massive forest. 

In the city: 

  • Lake Superior 
  • St. Louis Bay, Superior Bay, Allouez Bay 
  • St. Louis River, Nemadji River
  • 3rd largest forest within a city in the U.S. 
Sunset burst through tree trunks in a wintery and snowy forest.

A unique climate

The climate is considered “humid continental,” one of the few in the world with four distinct seasons. That creates a prime habitat for a variety of plants and animals. For humans, it can be a unique weather experience that keeps you guessing. And Lake Superior plays a big role in keeping it unpredictable, yet also tempering things by acting as a large storage basin for heat (and cold). It means fewer frost free days near the lake, and more cool days in the summer.

Average high temperature

Summer: 67 F 
Winter: 34 F

Typical annual precipitation

Rain: 32 inches
Snowfall: 55 inches

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