Highway 23 bridge and all of its arches over a very blue st. louis river in the autumn. The fall colors are beautiful. Photo by Dennis O'Hara.


Superior in the autumn

Delight the senses.

Step into Superior as changing seasons amplify the sights, sounds and smells. Autumn is the time for harvesting, hunting and some Halloween hijinks.   

A dirt road with tall cedar and maple trees on both sides in the autumn.


With leaves in blazing reds and golds, it’s time to hit the trails.

Discover the quiet, rugged beauty of northern Wisconsin forests and waterways. And the easy access to Superior city trails and Lake Superior shoreline. Whether that’s on foot or going all out on terrain groomed for bikes, horses and ATVs. 
In a sporting paradise, this is the main season for hunting and fishing. There’s still time to fish the St. Louis River and Superior Bay or take a Brule River canoe trip. And hunters and horseback riders are more than ready to use the public land at the largest state forest in Wisconsin. Learn More.

Orange and yellow maple leaves on a very dark and wet tree root system over a little brook.

Stay inside 

A bit too brisk for ya?

See the colorful changing leaves from the comfort of your car while exploring the Wisconsin countryside. Day trips to the small towns and historical sights are a must. After a little road trip, find an old-fashioned supper club. Get a cozy place to call it a night and pull up the covers.

Grown ups dressed up in creative costumes for Halloween.

Make it an event

Enjoy fall festivities.

Reap the harvest bounty at a Saturday farmer’s market and celebrations like Oktoberfest that mix music, food and merriment. You’ll find events geared for everything from hunting deer to hunting for ghosts at Fairlawn Museum. Sports are in full swing, and fans can swarm around fields where the UWS Yellowjackets play. Like the nightlife? You’ll find a whole lot of Halloween tricks and treats waiting.

The exterior of the Cedar Lounge and Earth Rider Beer at night from across the road. A slow shudder speed has car lights streaked across the image which is quite stunning.

Oktoberfest at Earth Rider

Don your dirndl and lace up your lederhosen as the Earth Rider Fest Grounds are transformed into a Bavarian Beer Wunderland and the day is filled with live music, German-style foods, games and lots of beer “Prosts.” The all-day event on the brewery grounds features a procession of brewers, kraut eating contests, a kids’ area with a bouncy castle and more.

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