A smiling man with green-tinted sunglasses is fly-fishing in a deep, dark river. He is wearing waders that allow him to be in the water without getting wet. The water is at his groin level. The trees along the river are bright green and there are quite a few tree trunks fallen in the water.

Fishing & Hunting

Nice Catch

Harvesting wildlife is a time-honored tradition in Wisconsin.

Superior has long been a destination for anglers and hunters. Thanks to an abundance of healthy habitat and all the services needed—before, during and after an outing.

A northern pike swimming in green deep water around weeds. This image was taken underwater.

So Many Kinds

There’s a lot of fish to chase around here.

The Douglas County Forest alone is home to over 40 lakes and 150 miles of rivers and streams. With everything from bluegills and bass to muskellunge, trout, salmon and walleye.

A brook trout on a fishing line being pulled up through an ice fishing hole in the ice.

(N)Ice Times

Serious ice fishing.

Pull a tent onto a frozen inland lake, or head to Superior Harbor in the heart of town. 

Birds-eye-view of rapidly moving water over rocks in the Brule River during the fall color seasons. Trees are green with flushes of orange, yellow and red.

Beauty of the Bois Brule

A world-renowned trout stream.

The Bois Brule River draws people from far and wide. Because the trout and salmon here like to play. There’s ample fly fishing access on the 40-mile river. And the tranquility of it all feels nourishing—whether ya catch fish or not.

Ship on the lake with the sunsetting behind it. The sky is orange and the lake is blue with a cluster of birds sitting on it.

Gateway to Lake Superior

The great wide open.

Want to snag a big fish on the big lake? Charter boats at Barker’s Island can help. Or put in your own boat at one of the local landings. Cruise the Superior Bay. Explore the St. Louis River Estuary. Or pass through the Superior Entry into Lake Superior.

Two female deer standing next to each other in the winter woods. They're lit beautifully by a warm sunlight despite having frozen snow and ice on their snouts.

A hunter’s paradise 

More than 278,000 acres.

The Douglas County Forest is the ideal place for those who enjoy hunting and trapping. The entire forest is open to the public, with the exception of a very few areas.  


The forest is home to a variety of animals, including: 

  • White-tailed Deer
  • Black Bears
  • Wild Turkey
  • Ruffed Grouse
  • Waterfowl 
  • Other small game 


  • Water trappers come for the area’s abundant beaver, otter, mink and muskrat
  • Dryland trappers typically seek coyotes, red fox, raccoons, fisher and bobcat
  • Contact area guides and Douglas County forestry with questions

Get the complete guide to wildlife, hunting and camping here:

Before you go

  • Stock up on necessities at local shops that offer insider tips on the area. 
  • Get the Wisconsin rules and regulations on hunting, fishing and trapping. 
  • Set your sights on the right lodging. 

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