Close-up of a bass being held by a fisherman.

On THe Water

Big lake and beyond 

Make your trip a splash.

The big lake is a big reason people flock like seagulls to Superior. And with so many stunning rivers, waterfalls and lakes in the area, there are plenty of ways to enjoy!

Lighthouse on Wisconsin point with the sun setting in the background. The lighthouse has a red roof and white base.

Lake Superior 

The largest freshwater body in the world.

The greatest of the Great Lakes. Few waterways inspire quite like the vast and spectacular Lake Superior. It’s what created the city of Superior. And why so many people come here again and again to feel genuinely refreshed and renewed. 

Take a stroll along Wisconsin Point’s sandy beach. Savor a South Shore sunset. Wade in the waters. Search for rare rocks and beach glass. Or just relax, smell the fresh lake air and listen to the sounds of rippling waves. It’s the stuff that makes vacation, well, vacation. 

A large piece of drift wood covered by the sands on the beach. There is grass growing around it.

WIsconsin Point

The largest freshwater body in the world.

Behold the endless Lake Superior horizon. Stroll miles of beach on one of the world’s largest freshwater sandbars. Go birding in an old-growth forest. Walk the rocks to a century-old lighthouse. For many, this special place is The Point of vacation.

Ship on the lake with the sunsetting behind it. The sky is orange and the lake is blue with a cluster of birds sitting on it.


View the live stream.

Check the Superior shipping schedule and watch the ships!

Make a Splash

A close up photo of a smiling woman with blonde har and a yellow had is kayaking in a bright green kayak.

Pristine Paddling

A sailboat out on the open, blue waters of lake superior.

Boating & Sailing

A man holding a fishing pole on a blue fishing boat.


Barker’s Island 

A hub for festivals and gatherings.

Barker’s Island has plenty of water access. (Islands tend to do that.) It’s home to the annual Dragon Boat Festival. And a lovely spot to swim at the beach. Launch a boat or kayak. And even book a charter fishing or sailing excursion at Lake Superior’s largest marina.

A warm sunset photo of Barker's Island with a pond in the foreground and blue buildings in the distance.
A huge wetland and forest that are on the Wisconsin side of the St. Louis River.

St. Louis River Estuary

Explore the waterways that connect the Twin Port.

The Superior Bay and St. Louis River, the largest estuary on the Great Lakes, offers a glimpse into a boom and bust past. Today, it’s also a working harbor with robust fishing, boating and wilderness opportunities.

Brule River

“River of Presidents”

This nick name derived on account of five U.S. presidents having visited to fish, the Bois Brule River is a renowned Wisconsin outdoor destination. Come for paddling adventures, world-class trout fishing and wildlife watching. Or just to feel presidential in a beautifully backwoods kind of way.

Two men standing knee deep in the river holding fishing poles.
Sky reflecting in the waters in the St. Croix watershed.

St. Croix River

A national treasure.

Designated a National Scenic Riverway, the St. Croix headwaters begin in Douglas County and are navigable from the source at Solon Springs to the mouth on the Mississippi River. Passing through forests, it’s a wild, scenic spot to paddle, boat, fish and camp. With hiking and historic towns nearby, it’s also an ancient route for indigenous people and part of a vast St. Croix River Watershed

DId you know?

Wisconsin’s tallest waterfall is as high as Niagara Falls!
It’s only a short hop south of Superior!

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