Mont du Lac Celebrates 75 Years of Fun in Superior!

Interior shot of Mont du Lac Lodge, Superior WI.

The diamond anniversary for a gem of a resort!

Mont du Lac has been a staple in the midwestern ski world for three-quarters of a century! To put that into perspective, Mont du Lac is older than cell phones, the internet and microwave popcorn. Pretty rad, eh?

But was Mont du Lac always the epicenter of winter fun in the Superior area? We dug a little deeper into the resort’s history to find out.

Uphill shot of Mont du Lac ski hill, Superior, WI.

The Origin Story – A Brief History of Mont du Lac

Mont du Lac was founded in 1948 by Tony Wise after he saw a prime opportunity for a western-style ski hill in the bowl near Superior, Wisconsin. 

For decades, the chalet at the bottom of the hill served its purpose and brought winter enthusiasts from all over the country to its little corner of Wisconsin. It wasn’t until 2008 that summer activities started to make their way into the Mont du Lac complex and, in 2017, the impressive Trophy Lodge at the summit of the hill was established.

Primed with modern hospitality, good food and old-fashioned nostalgia, Mont du Lac has positioned itself as a cornerstone of the outdoor community in Superior, WI.

Winter Fun on the Hill

Tony Wise had a vision in 1948 to create a ski area nestled into the northwoods of Wisconsin with an uninhibited view of all the beauty it offers. Now, 75 years later, that vision is still alive. 

This 10-acre ski resort is perfect for beginner and advanced shredders alike! The hill features:

Not ready to strap on some boards yet? The tubing hill is fun for the whole family! With over 500 ft of tubing lanes, the adrenaline rush is sure to be unlike any other. Tubing hill tickets tend to sell out quickly, especially on weekends, so be sure to order early if you’re planning on making a trip to Mont du Lac!

Mont du Lac Big Kahuna Waterpark.

Summer Shenanigans

Summer operations weren’t really a priority when Mont du Lac first came to be. Now, that could not be further from the truth! The resort features TONS of summer fun for all ages, including:

A newer endeavor of the resort is its marina and river tubing adventures! Thrill seekers can rent jet skis and other speedy watercraft to explore the St. Louis River and other nearby waterways. If you’re looking to “chill” as the kids would say, be sure to check out the river tubing excursions. Relax with your buddies as you float down the area’s largest river. Mont du Lac will drop you off and pick you up!

Count Me In!

Whether you want a winter wonderland or a summer spectacular, Mont du Lac has you covered. Feel the 75-year-old nostalgia with a fun, modern twist by booking your next trip to Mont du Lac!

 So yeah, Mont du Lac has always been the epicenter of fun in Wisconsin’s Winter Capital.

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