Superior is for Fun Lovers!

Person having fun riding a tiny tricycle in Superior, WI

Grab a friend and have some fun in the original Twin Port!

Superior is for a lot of people. It’s for outdoors people. It’s for thrill seekers. It’s even for your high school friend who still brings up that section finals game from ‘98. All of these people have one thing in common. They all like to have fun! 

Superior is for fun lovers! We don’t discriminate, we don’t judge. Just come as you are!

There are endless ways to have fun in Superior. From waterparks to woodlands, bars to breweries, Superior is your next destination for summer fun!

People in the water swimming at Wisconsin Point in Superior, WI.

Fun on the Water

Bring your swimsuit!

It cannot be denied that the Superior area has some of the best waterways in the Midwest! Stroll along miles of beaches with soft, silky sand between your toes, or fly fish in the mighty Brule River. There are just so many ways to enjoy water!

  • Beaches
  • Fishing
    • There’s some world-class fishing in the Superior area! Feel trophy walleye and trout tapping your line, or try your luck at the elusive muskellunge in the St. Louis River! 
  • Ship watching
    • Massive maritime marvels make their way through the canal at Wisconsin Point carrying thousands of tons of materials. If you’re lucky, they may even sound the horn!
  • Sailing
  • The Big Kahuna Waterpark
    • The Big Kahuna! Aptly named, this waterpark at Mont du Lac is fun for the whole family! Mont du Lac also offers a variety of water-based activities from tubing to kayaking!

Fun in the Woods

A trip to the trees!

Experience the tranquility of a hike through the Northwoods of Wisconsin… or tear it up on a mountain bike! Superior has options for those looking for chills OR thrills. With the US’s third-largest municipal forest sitting right in the heart of Superior, you’re free to explore to your heart’s content.

Be sure to check out:

SS Meteor Maritime Museum in Superior, WI.

For Day and Night Adventures

Museums and parks and bars – oh my!

Superior is for fun lovers – all the time! It doesn’t matter if it’s 1:00 PM or 1:00 AM, there’s always something happening around town. Check out the historical museums during daylight hours, then hit the local bars and clubs once the sun goes down!

Did you know the last above-ground whaleback ship, the SS Meteor, is in Superior and is available for tours?

Fun Loving Food and Lodging

Full plates and cozy stays!

Superior has no shortage of accommodations for the pickiest of eaters or anyone looking for the coziest of lodges. We’re gonna make you feel at home wherever you decide to eat or stay!

Good Eats

Good Sleeps

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